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Steve White is a well-respected photographer/videographer from Milwaukee, WI. He was influenced to start working with a camera via his grandfather. His grandfather took family photos and captured memorable events utilizing everything from reel-to-reel film to more modernized equipment as technology advanced. As a result, Steve fell in love with being in front of and behind the camera. This was made evident in his requests of cameras as gifts throughout his childhood. Steve started off recording neighborhood activities, making scrapbooks, and working on the year book in high school.
Upon having no success in finding a mentor to help further his craft, Steve took matters into his own hands. He purchased his own equipment and began to teach himself the various tips and tricks of the photography world. Driven by an intense passion to succeed and having the fearlessness to take on any project, Steve has produced some amazing photos and videos throughout the course of his career. Knowing what it’s like to not have people cut you a break, he is willing to work with any budget. In special situations, he has even done pro bono work. With his never ending hunger for his art and a humble attitude, one would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated individual behind the camera then Steve White.
STEVE WHITE FILMS LLC has officially been in business since 2013.
Specialty in headshot photography and weddings.

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